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420                        •       THE CATHOLIC CHUBCH.

Is precisely what Mr. Gxoirae lias done at Mathura ; and I can conceive no more
graceful wsy of familiarising natives with Christian symbols than bringing them to ornament
Uaam witti tfaeii own matchless art. Prejudice is at once silenced, and sympathy, if not, inquiry.
•toned. An attempt is made to place osrseiTeB in accord with something they most cherish in
their affection*. We a note of nature, and, in doing so, may lay claim to some reciprocal
esteem, It Is the same policy that crowned with success the labours of S. Francis Xavier in
ScwSlsern India, and in more recent times illumined the path of -the Abbe Dubois. These saintly
raea sought the empire of tine mind throsgh the empire of the heart.
** Any endeavour to term smch a policy in Northern India onght to be. a source of unmixed
«iw&etk»n.   Mr. Growse's chapel stands as a speck of the ocean, onder the shadow of the great
Hlain city of Krishna.   May it some d&y stimulate & work in inverse ratio to its size,"